4 Common Vendor Invoice Management Issues Technology Can Solve


Invoice management doesn’t have to be an overly complicated process. You can use vendor invoice management software to ensure that everyone on the team can understand how and what the process goes through. Informing everyone regarding invoice management can go a long way with making a business successful.

Below are some of the more common issues regarding vendor invoice management that you can solve if you implement the correct technological upgrades.

  1. Manual Input Producing Errors

If you still have to rely solely on manual input, then you are going to encounter a lot of errors. No matter how efficient someone may be in the morning, this characteristic may deteriorate throughout the day. Eyes and hands get tired. The mind may be thinking of other things depending on the day.

When you leave the collection of data to a software, you are eliminating the errors produced by manual input. These errors can range from simple typos on the name of a client or a major one stemming from a missing comma on the budget report. When you remove the worry of having to look out for errors during the initial data entry, you can put manpower on something else.

  1. Loss of Invoices

Tracking the invoices that you collect is very important. One missed invoice could cause a business to lose a vendor for that time. There are also other issues that could come from missing invoices which include tax and other legal obligations. When you use software to manage your vendor invoice, you can keep everything organized.

  1. Paying to Pay

If you have multiple vendors sending you different types of invoices and you have to make payments through different portals and platforms, then you are undoubtedly paying to pay. You can avoid this by taking advantage of a vendor invoice management software. You will be able to pay through one platform and all of the funds will be routed to the correct vendors.

Electronic payments also provide you with the much-needed security especially if you are paying through a bank. You don’t have to give anyone in the company full access to your bank details because you can just automate the payments.

  1. Losing Vendor Trust Because of Missed Payments

If a business does not have the ability to make consistent payments to another business, then they will not be able to gain the trust of that particular business. For you to build your relationship with your vendor, you have to be able to keep your promises and these promises include payments at the very top.

When you are consistently making payments to your vendor, you may even be eligible to get better rates on what they supply you. Through the use of a vendor invoice management software, you can automate all of the payments to any invoices that you’ve been sent. In fact, you may even be able to program the software to make payments early.

Avoid invoice errors and other invoicing issues by using a vendor invoice management software that fits your needs. Contact Nexus today and we will be more than glad to show you how our business solutions can help you.