Avoid These PPC Mistakes And Save


It’s no surprise that most start-ups looking to cash in on the PPC campaigns end up in a mountain of debt after having achieved nothing meaningful. To have a successful PPC campaign, it’s imperative you avoid the common mistakes that have obliterated the aspirations of other past start-up entrepreneurs.Have a clear plan for PPC management to avoid running at a loss. Read on to learn clever tricks and hacks guaranteed to save you a whole bunch of valuable dollars with your planned PPC campaign ventures.

Relevant Keywords are Key

The biggest mistake many of you make when trying to carry out a profitable PPC campaign is overspending. It’s always prudent to have a clear-cut PPC campaigning budget to guide you along the way. The secret to PPC success lies in choosing the right set of relevant keywords to target in your particular Adwords campaigns. Avoid relying on conversions from general keywords like a plague. Go for the buyer intent keywords and it won’t take long for your website to start gaining traffic from new and existing users.

Tracking Conversions Matters

What’s the purpose of investing in a costly PPC campaign and then overlooking the importance of tracking your efforts? Many PPC campaigners have gotten disastrous outcomes by seemingly assuming to track their PPC campaign conversions. Tracking your conversion enables you to discern poignant aspects such as the demographics of your sites and blogs visitors and customers and the exact content they loved on your website or blog page. With that info and data, it’s quite straightforward for you to make the necessary amends and improvements on your PPC campaigns.

Relevancy of Landing Page

One of the most misleading misnomer in the PPC campaign realm is that you can easily manipulate the search engines by stuffing irrelevant keywords on your landing page. If such a ploy or strategy were possible, well, no financial struggling start-up and e-commerce venture would ever have lived to see the light of day, as they would get outspent by the more established entities having more resources to pay for the Adword keywords.

Timing Ad Placements

A majority of PPC campaign investors often fail to differentiate impressions and clicks from actual conversions. There’s no need whatsoever to have an exorbitantly priced PPC venture that only attracts hordes of non-paying visitors to your blogs or sites. What these folks fail to observe is that they stand to make a profound positive difference in their PPC campaigns simply by perfecting the timing of their ads.

Managing Exclusion Lists      

In the course of tracking your PPC campaign performance, you will obviously have to collect a lot of data about your frequent blog or web page visitors. That curated user data means absolutely nothing if you don’t have a proper acquisition strategy that involves among other important aspects, creating robust IP-based exclusion lists. Basically speaking, an exclusion list serves to filter out the bias brought about by the client company employees’ visiting the site or blog. With the exclusion list, you can easily send a request to the PPC campaign company to halt all tracking related to the IP addresses of your company’s employees.

Negative Keywords Out

 It’s crucial to liaise with top tier and proven PPC experts to get the necessary assistance with identifying the negative keywords to avoid and in the process boost your overall conversions and profits.

In Conclusion

Once you are able to identify and then target the right set of relevant keywords, then your PPC campaign starts to unravel. The PPC experts you collaborate with should also be in a much better position to help with managing the IP-based exclusion lists.