Best Methods to Generate Sales Leads For Free


Generating sales leads for free is the most effective way to gather new leads for your sales team. Getting free sales leads is key to growing your business and increasing sales. The more contacts you’re able to reach, the better off your business will be in the long run. The number one way to generate free sales leads is to create high-quality content that converts visitors into users. 

By placing lead generation forms on your website’s pages, you can gather contact information from your visitors. Site traffic is created by writing content based on popular organic search terms. By creating a few pieces of useful content you’ll create a leads funnel that generates new leads for free.

Another way to generate free leads is by using online databases and business directories. You can gather leads up from potential businesses that would be interested in using your products or services. 

There are also a few paid options that are very effective for your money. You can use Facebook and Twitter to disperse paid ads that ask users for their contact information, in exchange for something of value. So depending on what services you offer, you can create a piece of exclusive content, that the user sees in your paid ad, and is able to access by entering their email address. 

The last thing you can do is use a local lead generation tool to gather up leads, and even though they’re technically not free sales leads, they might as well be because of how cheap these services are. For about $20 a month you can generate almost unlimited leads for your sales team to contact. Just provide the search area, and some keywords that define the businesses you’re searching for, and you’ll have a massive list of leads in no time.