Choosing a Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Packaging Specialist


In the pharmaceutical industry, cold chain packaging is undoubtedly one of the essential processes required for preserving the integrity of drugs and other pharmaceutical products. Poor pharmaceutical cold chain packaging can have adverse effects on the wellbeing and health of people as well as on the businesses of the various parties involved.

In this regard, the experience and expertise of a pharmaceutical cold chain packaging specialist will go a long way in determining the success of the whole process of making drugs available for the end users. Apart from helping with the management of the shipment, a pharmaceutical cold chain packaging specialist also plays pivotal roles in protecting the value and sensitivity of the products that are being transported.

To choose a pharmaceutical cold chain packaging specialist, here are some vital considerations:

  • Consider the level of experience and expertise of the specialist

Before choosing a pharmaceutical cold chain packaging specialist, you should be certain of their ability to deliver the kind of high-quality service that you need. This can be ascertained by checking out their years of operational and regulatory experiences in helping other pharmaceutical companies with cold chain packaging.

You may also try to know if they have established relationships with other industry-leading specialists that are offering other services related to the pharmaceutical cold chain.

  • Check out their current customers and the types of pharmaceutical products the customers offer

To know if the pharmaceutical cold chain packaging specialist you are hiring can offer the best services, you should try to know the customers they work with. The types of pharmaceutical products that these companies offer can also help you understand whether the specialist has great knowledge of the specific cold chain packaging you need or not.

  • Know their project management system

The project management system of the cold chain packaging specialist you want to hire is also paramount to the quality of services you can expect. Here are some of the things you should know about their project management system:

  • How the specialist plans and executes the cold chain packaging
  • Whether they work alone or along with other specialists
  • Their average turnaround time – how long it takes to package and ship; how they deal with non-conformance problems
  • How the package will be done in compliance with the standards for the pharmaceutical industry
  • How often they provide an update to their clients on the pharmaceutical cold chain packaging
  • Check out the equipment they use for packaging

Before finally deciding whether you will hire a pharmaceutical cold chain packaging specialist or not, you should check out the equipment they use. Make sure that the tool is right for the service that you are in need of. In particular, know the tools and methods that they will use for bundling, labelling, case packaging, and palletizing of your pharmaceutical products.

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