Everything You Need To Know About Labelling Tapes


Are you looking forward to getting organized quickly at home as well as work? Brother’s P-touch range of electronic label tape at 123ink.ca, let you create professional, long-lasting and durable labels that are totally resistant to marks, rips, tears, and water.

Laminated Tapes

These labelling taps can stick on any surface and are sturdy enough to withstand scrapes and abrasions. As they are totally waterproof, they can be utilized outdoors and indoors too. They eliminate spills of any kind, water, oil, chemicals, you name it. Also, they won’t simply fade under harsh UV rays. These tapes can withstand hot and cold environments from freezers to microwaves.

Fabric tapes
This tape is derived from cloth. As the letters are printed on it, an iron is used to stick this tape to another cloth piece. Then, it is dry cleaned.

Security tapes
It has a special adhesive that leaves a checkerboard pattern when the label is peeled off. It is perfect for those labels that shouldn’t be peeled off, for example, company assets.

Flexible ID tapes
This tape is particularly designed for wire wrapping, cabling, and other curved surfaces which makes it ideal for telecom and datacom applications.

Fluorescent tapes
It has a background that makes it stand out than the standard colored tape and is very appealing. It is perfect to be used on warning and instruction labels in industries and advertising labels in stores.

Extra strength tapes
These tapes are ideal for textured and hard to stick surfaces. The adhesive on this tape has twice the strength of regular P-touch tape. It can also be used on a wide range of surfaces and materials and is perfect for harsh environments and textured surfaces.

Available tape widths: 3.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm

Durable Laminated Tapes

Brother’s P-touch TZ tapes are all you need which have an exceptional lamination to make the labels resistant to heat, cold, water, chemical and fade. They are extremely sturdy, have a professional finish and outlast other labels, giving you more flexibility in your organizing system.

Types of lamination

The structure of laminated tape has six layers of material that are thin, yet strong. They are not like most of the label makers. Instead, they print on the underside of the laminate, the text is sandwiched between two layers of film and making the characters virtually indestructible.

They are only slightly scratched when subjected to dire circumstances with the characters underneath completely unaffected.

Chemicals and Water
After being subjected to a variety of materials for a long period of time, these tapes were unaffected to their surfaces with a little damage. Even if a chemical is spilled, they can be wiped off quickly resulting in minimal damage.

Temperature resistance
These tapes can still retain their integrity when subjected to extremely high temperatures. They are prone to decompose only once when the temperature can reach 365 degrees Celsius. And when it comes to colder temperatures, adhesive strength problems or changes to the ink of the tape wasn’t even effective below -50 degrees Celsius.

Dielectric strength
When the white tapes were subjected to an applied voltage of 8kv, the black characters on the tape began to lose their resistance, and entirely at 11kv. Almost every color variation will have the same resistance.