First Steps to Buying a Home with a Mortgage Company


Buying your first home can be overwhelming. However, many people have endured and survived the task at hand. By taking time to prepare properly with a mortgage company, you can ensure the home buying process is streamlined.

Review Your Finances

Look at your savings. Don’t consider buying a home or getting a mortgage without having an emergency savings funds of three to six months of living expenses. Next, review how much you spend each month. Look at your debt-to-income ratio. Most mortgage lenders want a ratio that is 30% or less (25% is ideal).

Research First-Time Home Buyer Tax Breaks

Many mortgage lenders won’t tell you about these tax breaks. However, there are many deductions and refunds that are associated with first-time home buyers that can make the expense seem more tolerable for the first few years.

Research Mortgage Lenders

Do some research before meeting with a loan officer. Understand the rates available (associated with your credit score) and other factors that play into a mortgage. This allows you to shop around and to get pre-approved before visiting a mortgage lender.

Buying your first home is the biggest financial decision you probably will ever make. By keeping all of these things in mind and doing these preparatory tasks, you can ensure that you get the best mortgage possible for your finances. By taking the risks seriously with a large investment such as a home, you can ensure your financial future is protected.