How to Get A Certified Copy of Arizona Birth Certificate


A birth certificate is essential when proving your citizenship and identity. If you require a copy for one reason or another, most states have clear procedures to follow. To get an Arizona birth certificate, follow the following steps.

Determine eligibility

Not everyone can get a copy of a birth certificate. One must be above 18 years. Those who are unnamed on the certificate need to provide additional supporting documents. The following persons are potentially eligible.

  • Parent named on the certificate
  • Named spouses
  • Named foster parents
  • Named adult children
  • Adult sibling named
  • Guardian with legal custody
  • Adoptive parents or adoption agency
  • Attorney representing adoptive parent, adoption agency or biological parents
  • Grandparent named on the certificate
  • Parties authorized by a court

Gather supporting documents

Every individual interested in obtaining a birth certificate has to provide documentation that demonstrates that they’re legally authorized to make the request.

  • If you need a copy of your own, you have to provide an ID or get your signature checked and authenticated.
  • Parents named on the certificate must also provide ID, and if not named, fathers must establish paternity.
  • Siblings must provide ID or notarized signature, and have at least one common parent.
  • Grandparents must also prove that their child’s birth certificate is the parent of the person named on the birth certificate, valid ID or a notarized signature.
  • Foster parents need to provide a letter from Child Protective Services confirming the relationship and a copy of the caseworker’s ID.
  • A spouse can get a copy of the certificate as long as he/she has a signed notarized letter giving them permission, and a marriage certificate or any document showing their names appearing together.
  • Guardians must provide a valid ID and a Permanent or Temporary Guardianship.
  • Attorneys must demonstrate they are representing the person named on the certificate or his/her parents.
  • Adoption agencies need to provide a letter from the agency, attorney representing adoptive or biological parents, court records to pending adoption, and demonstrate their relationship with the parents.

Make an appointment

Some circumstances may require you to present yourself to get a birth certificate. That means you may need to schedule an appointment with the Office of Vital Records. Some of these circumstances include:

  • Adoption
  • Amendments of birth certificate
  • Late birth registration
  • Abroad birth registration
  • Putative father registrations

Fill and submit an application form

Find and download the Arizona birth certificate form on the Department of Health Services, print and fill the form, or fill directly then print out. Fill the payment section then get the form notarized.

Submit your application

When you’ve filled and gathered all the information needed, submit the order with supporting documents and fee. Usually, it takes 5 business days to get a copy of a birth certificate. If you need it quickly, you can use the expedited service at an additional processing charge.

If you need any assistance getting Arizona birth certificate, contact Fast Birth Certificates.