How To Select A Vendor For Promotional Products And Merchandise? Find Here!


Using promotional products is one of the oldest tricks in marketing. Despite all that focus on online marketing, this remains a valid practice. There are several benefits of promotional product marketing. Firstly, it creates enough space for personal advertising. People, especially customers and employees, get tangible brands, and that allows the scope to create relationships. Secondly, freebies help in creating a positive image for the concerned brand, and that’s a huge advantage. Not to forget, this is an extremely cost-effective promotional technique.

Now, to get things going, you need to find a vendor. In this post, we will talk about ways to select one.

  1. Start with reputation. First things first, make sure that the supplier deals exclusively in promotional products & merchandise and is a reputed one, such as ConceptPlus. With a known supplier, you are likely to have fewer issues.
  2. Check the product range. There is no point of working with a vendor who cannot offer a bunch of choices. Some of the most popular categories in promo products include apparel, bags, drinkware, writing instruments, technology and desk supplies. The more options you have, the better, because every time you launch a new campaign for the brand, products must change.
  3. Find more on customization. Promotional products are customized for the marketing campaign concerned, and this process is important because it determines how people eventually associate with the brand.
  4. Sharing ideas is important. Not every company knows about available freebies, so you need a vendor that shares ideas and offers concepts for different marketing goals. Many suppliers work with clients directly to come up with innovative products.
  5. Ability to deal with orders. It is always better to place your order well in advance, but a vendor’s ability to deal with bulk orders is something worth checking. The products much reach on time, so that distribution aspects can be decided.

A word on costing

Finally, let’s come to the point that concerns many brands – the price. For promotional merchandise, it is best to set a budget, after considering the number of products required. For example, if the products are for employees, you know the number already, and it is possible to spend a tad more for something better – think of headphones instead of boring tees.

Get an estimate beforehand, but check all the other points. Just because a vendor is offering the cheapest price shouldn’t be the only reason to choose one.