How to Select the Right Flow Meter


When a business is trying to select the right flow meter, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Selecting the right meter is important because, without accurate information, it is difficult to make the right decisions. With this goal in mind, it is important for every company to make sure that they pick the right meter for their purposes. What are a few of the most important factors to keep in mind?

Making the Right Measurements

The most important factor to keep in mind is to find a liquid flow meter is to find a meter that can perform all of the required measurements. When it comes to measuring the flow of liquid through a fixed space, there are many different parameters that are going to play a role. Some of these include

  • The density of the liquid
  • The viscosity of the medium
  • Whether or not any contaminants are present
  • The range of the speeds of the flow
  • Temperature and pressure readings
  • Any pressure loss of the liquid itself

If the meter is unable to perform all of these measurements, it could lead to missing information. Try to find a meter that can perform all of the required measurements.

The Durability of the Meter

A meter is exposed to a wide variety of different stresses. If the liquid is flowing through the area at a high speed, it could degrade the meter over time. Furthermore, if the liquid is in a high-pressure system, this will also add an undue amount of stress of the meter. Ensure that the business invests in a meter that can handle all of these stresses. Nobody wants to replace a meter prematurely.

The Cost of the Meter

Of course, it is important for everyone to consider the cost of the meter as well. Removing an old flow meter takes time and installing a new meter is not easy. Therefore, in addition to the price tag on the meter, it is vital for businesses to consider the time that it is going to take to install the new meter. Finally, do not forget to consider the cost of maintaining the meter over time. Like any other machine, the meter is going to require routine maintenance. Make sure to factor this into the cost.

Asking for Help with Meter Selection

In the end, these are only a few of the many different points that people need to consider. Ultimately, it is incumbent on the business owner to consider all of the options available before making the right decision. Make sure to install a meter that will do the job correctly every time. Do not hesitate to ask for help selecting the right meter.