Identifying different misconducts and frauds with corporate investigation!


Managing a corporation is anything but easy. There are a bunch of factors that must be addressed at different points in time, and one of the major tasks is to keep a check on corporate misconduct, fraud and wrongdoing. At times, breaches can be unintentional but need to be checked nevertheless. In this post, we will talk about corporate investigation and what it means for businesses.

When to go for corporate investigation?

It depends. If you believe that someone is doing or has done any sort of wrong through his role within the organization, corporate investigation in identifying the source, possible cause and other aspects related to the concerned business. Typically, corporate investigation is done by an independent service provider, because third parties, skeptics and lawyers may not have full faith in internal investigation. Also, it is rather impossible to be objective and unbiased with the procedure, simply because it involves people who hold important and relevant positions within the business. With independent corporate investigation via companies like Aequitask, things can be checked and noted in an unbiased manner.

Things that are checked

  • There are many things that are checked through corporate investigation, and the foremost of all is legal and regulatory violations. If you have any concerns with that aspect, the investigators do a check and ensure that possible misconducts and violations are identified immediately, and the people involved are mentioned. This further helps in avoiding compliance issues that may have other repercussions for the business.
  • The next thing that’s checked is data breaches – a concern that now plagues most MNCs, big corporations and businesses alike. Even simple issues can spiral into a big problem if not checked in time, and with corporate investigation, you can fix the security breaches and loopholes, if any.
  • Employment related factors are also identified with corporate investigation. From things like discrimination and infringement of rights to sexual harassment and workplace violations, everything is checked for.
  • Investigators also use corporate investigation for finding financial misconduct, which is probably the most common and ignored problem in businesses. Serious offences, such as vendor fraud, accounting irregulates, and supplier/deal fraud, can be identified and checked for.
  • Then there are other concerns, including corruption, inventory theft, defamation, infringement of intellectual information, which is addressed with corporate investigation.

If done right by the right company, corporate investigation can be completed within one to two weeks, depending on the requirements.