Is Landscaping Business Great for Small Time Entrepreneurs?


Are you an individual who is thinking about starting his own business? Are you someone who is trying to find a profitable business? If you are, then this article is for you. Starting your private company, no matter how small it is, could be the beginning of something great for you. And when it comes to choosing which business to start, the possibilities are endless. Countless companies are waiting to get explored. However, one thing you need to consider is your interest. No matter how a company could profit if your interest doesn’t lie in it, it could never work for you. Every business needs your time, dedication, effort and enthusiasm to make it work.

If you are interested in gardening or landscaping then starting your own Houston landscaping company is an excellent business to delve. You can start your private company, or you can also franchise from established companies. It is your discretion as to how you want it. However, it is advisable you read through these advantages and disadvantages of starting the business before you go and open your store.



One of the best things about landscaping business is its stability. Once you gain a customer and offer excellent professional services, it is continuous. You may need to do the landscaping one time, but services and maintenance are never-ending. By gaining loyal and happy customers, they will surely recommend you to friends and family. Additionally, they can give you good reviews to boost your business further.

Income Generating Consumables

When it comes to the landscaping business, you do not just offer your services; you also provide consumable products. It means you will not get paid for your services only but also on the goods you use. Furthermore, every garden needs fertilizers, bug sprays, treatment for weeds and other gardening needs every few weeks.


If you are an individual seeking to start a small business, then gardening and maintenance could be perfect for you. There are a variety of services and goods in this business. What you can do is start with some services and products then eventually expands to other services when you can buy your equipment for such services. The door for expansion is unlimited, and you can do it at your own pace.



One of the disadvantages of starting a landscaping business is competition. There are many others like you who wish to succeed in the industry, and then there are those big and established companies. However, believe in your talents and hard work to have better chances of success.


If you live in an area where winters are severe, you may not earn as much during the winter season. There is no garden to maintain and design during this season so if you can consider it a loss. If this is acceptable for you then by any means, push it.

Start-Up Expenses

Every business needs start-up capital. However, if you are planning on offering a full landscaping service, then the equipment and machinery you will need are quite expensive. What you can do though is try to buy them one at a time if you don’t have much to put in your capital at present.