Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots for Your Outdoor Event


Businesses need mobile Wi-Fi to cover a selected area – a café, a hotel lobby, a business center, etc. to provide wireless internet access to a team of users.

Finding the right vendor to rent these temporary hotspots can be difficult.

Trade Show Internet is the leading internet service providers and has successful supplied Wi-Fi services to hundreds of events since starting in 2018.

Their dedicated hardware mobile Wi-Fi hotspot devices are highly portable and easy to configure compared to other temporary internet solutions.

With a free internet connection, your attendees can browse the web, share posts about your event on social media, FaceTime friends, and share photos.

If you are holding a trade show, you may also need a secure internet to streamline your transaction.

Here are three steps you can use to ensure your event is connected.

Define your needs

Start by understanding why you need the Wi-Fi for in the first place. Depending on the size of your event, type, and the location, you may need Wi-Fi for attendees’ access, your team, and special guest, temporary bandwidth for streaming, for running registration system or for entertainment among others.

To properly clarify your needs, start by highlighting each and every element that will demand Wi-Fi at your event. You can categorize them according to a group, devices, or individual users and how they will be using the Wi-Fi.

Choose the right Wi-Fi vendor

Installing temporary Wi-Fi is not a job you can do on your own, you need to hire specialists to help you with the proper internet solutions. Hire an internet service provider with history and reputable to help turn your dream into reality.

Learn basic Wi-Fi terms

I am not suggesting going full-blown and buy network engineering books on Amazon just learn some basic things about the wireless network connection. For example, you can brush on terms like bandwidth, 4G cellular network, wireless access points, coverage, site-survey, among other fundamentals.

The right Wi-Fi vendor will do all the work from installing the temporary Wi-Fi to managing and control the use of the network and providing you with a report in the end.

Learn more about commercial mobile hotspot from Trade Show Internet website.