What are of the points which need to be kept in mind when taking up and unpaid internship?


Students should know first of all what an internship program is. Well, the internship is a kind of an on the job training where they learn the skills and techniques as well as the application of skills and techniques in the real world according to PGP Australia.

As compared to the classroom training which they have been trained for during their college life, this is far different. It can be considered as a kind of grooming program where they get to have the first-hand experience of the industry as well as the companies which they would probably be joining once they start a career and complete college.

The companies and organizations have the interns working under strict guidelines as they are not people who replace regular employees, but these internships are solely meant for the benefit of the student. Therefore the students are not given critical work or tasks which could make or break the company. Sometimes interns are given mundane tasks which help to free up the regular employees and allow them more time to take up more creative projects or projects which will help the organization.

At the end of the internship, it is not necessary for the student to be absorbed into the company. However, if the student has proved to be beneficial and an asset to the company, the company may choose to absorb the student.

Employers may or may not use to pay the intern for their work. Most of the employers who have unpaid interns usually compensate them for their services by offering them perks such as free food, travel allowance or by offering them college credits provided they meet certain criteria.

When a person wants to take up an unpaid internship, there a certain salient points which they need to keep in mind:

Salient points for unpaid internships

  1. The student needs to know about the working conditions of the company.
  2. They should also be aware of whether the company will graduate them to a paid internship at a later date based on performance or tenure.
  3. It is very necessary for the student to know their rights especially as they are not considered as employees of the company.
  4. There are chances that these interns could be subject to discrimination or harassment.
  5. Unpaid internships do not compensate the student in terms of wages or a stipend, and this adds to a financial burden on the student. Therefore if the student comes from an economically backward section of society, they should not venture for this kind of an internship but rather try to secure a paid one so that they can help ease the financial burden they are under.
  6. It is necessary for the student to confirm if they would be getting college credit by taking up the internship program else it will be a waste of time and add to the stress as well as not serve any purpose for them.

These are some things to be kept in mind when taking up an unpaid internship.