Printing Essentials for Your Small Business this Holiday Season


The holiday season is here with us, and for many businesses, this is a perfect time to reach new clients and drive sales. However, new customers aren’t going to come to your business if you don’t position your brand right in front of them.

Marketing through the holiday season can be a challenging task since you have to strike a balance between your holiday season marketing strategy and budget. While there are lots of things you can do this holiday season to attract new customers, don’t forget about the power of print marketing. Here are some of the print marketing essentials for your small business this holiday season.

Holiday Greeting Card Printing

This is the season of greeting, and you can take advantage of it to attract new clients to your business and enhance the loyalty of your existing customers. Print custom holiday greeting cards that feature your company logo, brand colors, and a personalized message that you want to send to your clients.

Avoid the generic store-bought greeting cards since they don’t expose your brand. You can either go for the folded holiday greetings cards that will be delivered in matching branded envelopes or opt for the postcard-style card printing. Either way, holiday greeting card printing in Vancouver is an excellent way of marketing your brand this holiday season.

Holiday Flyer Printing

Are you offering a special Christmas offer?  There is no any other better way of communicating your holiday promotions to your customers other than using flyers. You can design flyers to place in local magazines and newspapers, hand-out on-site at busy retail points and malls, or put in strategic public positions to attract customers.

No matter the kind of business that you operate, you can promote your hustle with uniquely designed holiday flyers. Entertainment venues, nightclubs, restaurants, and even bars can promote their special holiday deals and events with holiday flyers.

Holiday Calendar Printing

Most of us can agree that there is no better way of positioning your brand in front of your customers 365 days a year than with calendar printing in Vancouver. Calendars are always useful and appreciated gifts and since end year is fast approaching, offer both your existing and potential clients a well-designed and branded calendar for 2019, and maybe you would have just done enough to win their hearts.

Be sure to select the right calendar theme and complement it with high-quality images that your clients will love. The good news is that you don’t have to invest so much in your holiday calendar printing strategy since calendars are affordable.

Holiday Booklet Printing

Lastly, you need to understand that business booklets are essential marketing tools for small enterprises that want to establish authority and credibility in their industry. This holiday season make sure that you print useful booklets packed with a lot of valuable information, tips, and helpful advice that your clients yearn for all the time.

Complement the content with product mentions and recommendations. For instance, you can print booklets that detail how to throw a perfect holiday party or provide your customers with gift-buying guides that will help them select the right gift for their loved ones.