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Reasons Product Reviews Matter for an ecommerce Site

Product reviews are the reason why consumers love some ecommerce sites like eBay. On this sites, they have hundreds of reviews about every aspect of an item. 

Reviews build trust

A study reported that majority of customers consult reviews before buying a product. They will want to read what other people are saying about a product before making a buy decision.

It is therefore important that you include detailed description of a product to help customer decide if the product will cater for their needs or not. 

Help consumers make a purchasing Decision

Writing product reviews will help your customers decide if the product is fit for their needs or not. They help customers compare prices and provide other additional information that will help a customer buy the product.

Thousands of consumers will flock your site if they know you offer genuine and informative reviews. Information about a product needed by consumers include the following;

-Pros and cons of the product

-Images and videos to increase conversion and add value to the content

-Benefits of the product

-Weight, height and size of the product

-How to use the product. A video can show how to use the product.

-Have a comparison table

-Have CTA buttons

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Educate your customers with unbiased product reviews. The information of the product will make your customers feel much confident in buying them. The reviews will also help increase your website’s online presence. 

Your potential customers will be able to find your website on search engines through product reviews.