Select Your Folding Carton Based on Your Packaging Needs


Packaging is not only used for shipping, storing and transporting of various products but also for marketing of products.

There are many different kinds of packing cartons available with Netpak and depending upon your applications and needs you can select right packaging.

While you select your packaging, you must also consider following few points:

Decide what your packaging goals are

You need to decide for which product you want packaging. There is tailor made packaging available for consumer electronics, beauty products, food and beverages or anything else.

You need to keep following few factors in mind to get perfect solution for packaging:


Whether you have hand-made product or product made by automatic process, your packaging design will differ.


You need to decide preferred method of shipping your product and how many numbers of units will you include in your single shipment.


How you want to present your product on the shelf? Your packaging solution can be decided by this important factor.


Finally, cost remains the factor that you can never forget. Make sure that you can comfortably meet your production budget.

How you want your item to appear on shelves?

You need to decide the promotion of your productand how you want to display them in the shelve. You have to decide about your packaging so that it offers better aesthetics and also helps in promoting your brand.

You may think of many different ways to increase the visibility of your product.

How your carton must perform while on shelf

Major consideration will be how much decorated cartons having luxurious finishing effects can really “stand up” after they are placed on the shelf. Whether the cartons have enough strength to withstand adverse environment?

Whether the inks and coating used for cartons’ embossing will endure due to regular handling of consumer before the purchase?

You must also remember that products have to often spend longer period of time for display and also must look fresh throughout the shelf life.

How fragile is your item?

You also have to consider while manufacturing, shipping and distributing whether product’s penetrability or breakability is not affected.

Whether your product is secured inside your carton? All these factors can predicate about security or specify any lack of protection.

Once you have found answers to all these questions, you can start designing or selecting your carton.