Tech Companies Become Most Valuable Companies


Apple was founded in 1976. Today, it is the world’s most valuable companies. Something that many top tech companies share is their ability to become some of the most successful and valuable companies on earth. Europe, North America, South America, China Japan and Asia Pacific all feel the presence of Apple. From Apple advertising to Apple products many of the seven continents on earth are dominated by Apple.

The world of tech is immense with vulnerability scanners. This sector is one of the hardest one out there but for the few that crack the code have the chance of becoming the next Apple. These companies bring in trillions when combined. It is no surprise that tech companies are the most valuable companies on earth. Essentially, every aspect of our lives run on technology. From how we receive our content digitally, to the apps on our smartphone, to even the smart technology in cars and homes just goes to show why tech companies are making the kind of money they are making.

Google comes in at number two on the list of Forbes most valuable brands. Google has been around since 1998. It got started right when the internet was just getting started good. No one ever knew its destiny was to be a search engine mastermind. Operating systems, hardware, advertising and enterprise are the other ways the company makes its billions every single year.

The third most valuable and powerful company in the world is Microsoft. The software and programing company was founded in 1975. It transformed operating systems for computers. The company is still largely influencing our computers many decades later. It too goes to show how tech companies have a lot of staying power if they stay current.

You should have known Facebook could not be too far down the list. This is the world’s fourth most valuable company. Facebook has over one billion members. It is the world’s largest social media company. It is where many of us consume content, engage with others and communicate. The advertising model is what supports this company. Many businesses love how Facebook allows them to get their business, services and products in front of the right eyes.

Amazon rounds out the top five most valuable company. Amazon is another success story that shows how influential working in both the tech space and ecommerce space can pay off big time. It is the number one provider of online retail items. It began only selling books online back in the nineties. But today the pretty much anything can be purchased from Amazon. It has built a reputation amongst consumers for being a company that delivers almost kind of product imaginable incredibly fast.

These are some of the most successful companies in the world. Remaining in the tech sector, especially at the top, is extremely hard. Their staying power is commendable. For all the future tech company founders out there, be hopeful in knowing your company may just sit amongst these top tier tech companies one day.