The Best Kind of Flooring for Your Office


When you care for the way your business comes across to clients, you want to give it flooring with showcase lustre.

Not only does commercial office space require a certain stylish look, it will need to be high-traffic flooring that looks good while being practical and functional too. The best heavy commercial vinyl flooring is known for its exceptional durability with wear classification of 33 and above and a wear layer of 0.5mm and above, making it perfect for heavy commercial use.

Making your Commercial Space more Beautiful

The beauty about commercial vinyl flooring is that manufacturers today bring out vinyl floors that look exactly like the real thing. If warm wood appeals to you or cool stone flooring, vinyl will give you the looks you want with a price tag that isn’t too shabby either. You can change the appearance of any rooms or offices you want without the need to break the bank.

Another huge drawcard with vinyl flooring is the sheer ease of installation with an easy click system. If you’ve got carpeting, you’ll need to take it out. However, vinyl flooring can, in fact, cover nearly any flat, smooth floor surface. Once the flooring is installed, you’ll be able to fool anyone because it looks exactly like the real thing – wood, stone, marble, cement – you name it.

Apart from vinyl offering so many awesome options to business owners’ terms of looks, it is durable and easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl floors come in sheets, planks or tiles and can be inlaid or printed. Not only can commercial flooring be available in styles and patterns to suit your budget, the best vinyl flooring suppliers offer accessories and underlays to ensure a spectacular job.

There’s a Look to Suit Everywhere

Vinyl flooring is ideal for commercial flooring because it’s so durable and the wide range of applications ensures that whether you’re operating a clinic, hospital, restaurant or store, there’s a look to suit.

It isn’t surprising that vinyl has become the most sought-after floor covering – it is stylish, versatile, fire retardant, stain resistant, hygienic, moisture resistant, long lasting, it has acoustic properties and it’s just so darn good to look at, and perhaps the biggest drawcard – its low price tag.