Things to consider before hiring a skip


Decided it’s time for a clear-out? What better way to remove rubbish than to hire a skip from Bolton Skips?

Skip hire is a great idea if you’re planning to rid yourself of clutter now the summer holidays are over. The experts at Bolton Skips can help – regardless of location – removing the need for you to transport waste to the tip yourself.

6 things to consider before you hire a skip in Wigan:

What waste do you need to dispose of?

The type of waste your project generates can influence the cost of Wigan skip hire. Perfect for storing unwanted materials from minor renovation projects, Bolton Skips provide the 2yd mini skips and 4yd midi skips.

If you need to remove bulky materials, such as wardrobes, tables and chairs, you’re more likely to benefit from a larger skip, like the 8yd maxi skip or 12yd open skip which costs slightly more than the smaller domestic skips.

How much waste do you need to dispose of?

A factor that also determines skip size is the amount of waste your project produces. To put into perspective how much waste domestic skips can hold, the 2yd mini skip can fit 20-30 bin bags, 4 wheelie bins and 1 sofa, whilst the 4yd midi skip is twice the size and holds twice as much rubbish.

The 8yd drop door maxi skips fit 60-80 bin bags, 16 wheelie bins and 4 sofas and the 16yd open skips, for light materials only, are ideal if you need double the amount of storage space.

Are there any access restrictions?

Bolton Skips use their reliable fleets for skip hire in Wigan – meaning that there needs to be sufficient space for them to manoeuvre safely when delivering and collecting skips. If there are any overhead cables, raised kerbs restricting access, or a narrow driveway, be sure to let Bolton Skips know before you book as they might need to offer an alternative to skip hire.

Do you need a permit?

If you need your skip to go on the road, a permit for skip hire Wigan will be required. To make it easier for you, Bolton Skips obtain the permit from the local authority, on your behalf, and supply safety lights and cones to put around the skip to improve visibility.

For skips placed on private property, you won’t need a skip hire permit.

How long do you need the skip for?

Bolton Skips offer skip hire for a maximum of 3 weeks, but if you need it for longer than this, don’t hesitate to contact them on 01204 383 737. If you only need the skip for one day, Bolton Skips might be able to offer same-day delivery and collection – allowing you to remove rubbish hassle-free.

Where will waste go?

When Bolton Skips collect skips from your premises, they ensure they are transported safely to the nearest sorting facility. Materials are then sorted and separated into what can be recycled and what can’t – reducing the amount of waste that’s sent to landfill.

When it comes to skip hire Wigan, Bolton Skips have a strict recycling policy and aim to recycle 90% of items.

Need to know more about skip hire Wigan? Don’t hesitate to contact the team at Bolon Skips on 01204 383 737 or email Always on hand to help, we will be more than willing to help you get the most out of skip hire.