Top Tips for Finding a Shredding Company


It’s the word of the moment: cybercrime. We’re told as businesses and individuals to buy firewalls and anti-virus protection. We set profiles to private; we don’t bank on public Wi-Fi. And woe betide he who writes his password on a post-it note.

But here’s the thing – you can do all this and more for your business. You can secure your network; you can hire the world’s best cyber professionals. But if you’re throwing your sensitive paper documents into the recycling still intact, your business is at risk of information theft.

In 2018, information breaches cost businesses an average of over £2.4million. That’s a lot of customers lost, fines paid, and money down the drain.

The good news is you can lower your risk of a breach by shredding your sensitive waste.

So why use a shredding company?

Well, if you’re just one person, you may not need to outsource your shredding. A £45 device off Amazon will probably do the trick.

But if you run a business, chances are you produce a whole lot more sensitive waste: records with customer billing details, employee information, financial forecasts. You could spend all day stood over that little £45 shredder, willing it not to jam. A shredding company could save you valuable time and space on your premises.

Speaking of all those customer details, a regular shredding regime will also help keep your business GDPR compliant. Many companies also offer a hard-drive destruction service.

Top tips for finding the right shredding company

  1. Mobile vs. Off-site

Do you want an on-site or off-site service? A mobile service will mean fewer people handling your documents, and you can see them shredded before your eyes. Or are you happy to have the waste collected and shredded off-site?

Either way you will be given a certificate of destruction.

  1. Regular vs. Ad-hoc

Does your company generate a lot of confidential waste? Could you save money by entering a monthly contract, for example? Or is it a smaller business, needing services as and when?

The scale of your shredding needs will help you narrow down your list.

  1. Trust is key

The shredding industry is unregulated in the UK. Anyone can go out and start a shredding company – but that doesn’t mean you should hire them.

Focus your search on companies with good ratings and long-term customer relationships.

  1. Don’t forget the planet

Be sure to find a company which recycles the shredded waste. Shredded paper cannot be made into more office paper, but it can be repurposed for things like tissues, egg cartons, and coffee filters.

If there is a local shredding company which meets your standards and your needs, that is a bonus.

  1. Bang for your buck

Not all shredding companies are made equal. Some specialise in one area, while others can offer a whole menu of services. On Time Shred, for example, offers product destruction, office recycling, and document storage too. Read more at and be sure to shop around.

So what now?

Go forth and find your company’s shredding soulmate. And congratulate yourself for making your business more secure, compliant, and eco-friendly.