What materials aren’t accepted in skips?


Looking for skip hire in Preston? Skips are extremely versatile. They come in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for storing huge amounts of rubbish from your garden, renovation or construction project. But some items need to be disposed of separately.

Anyone who disposes of prohibited items in a skip will be issued with a hefty fine for not following strict skip hire regulations. If you’re to get the most out of your domestic skip hire in Preston, you need to know what can and can’t go in skips.

Skips are great for large, bulky materials that won’t fit in the wheelie bin, and save you the hassle of tireless trips to the tip. Any of the following can go in a skip:

  • bricks
  • cardboard
  • garden waste
  • junk
  • plastic
  • rubble
  • soil
  • trees
  • wood

What materials aren’t accepted in skips?

  • Paints and chemicals

All paints and solvents, like bleach and cleaning detergent, contain dangerous and toxic chemicals – meaning that they need to be disposed of safely to eliminate hazards. Unfortunately, skip hire Preston isn’t the solution. Some skip hire companies do accept paint tins that have been thoroughly washed but it’s advised you double-check before throwing them in the skip.

  • Electrical appliances

Although it’s very tempting to throw TVs, computers, fridges and freezers in a skip, make sure you don’t. There are hazardous chemicals and materials found within the components of electricals that make them unsuitable for skip hire Preston. If you need to get rid of electricals, you can take them to your local recycling centre that deals with WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

  • Asbestos

Asbestos is one of the only materials in the world that cannot be recycled or reused due to how harmful it is. Don’t attempt to handle asbestos yourself – hire professionals with the skill and expertise. This also means you shouldn’t mix it with other waste materials from your project as it will compromise their recyclability.

  • Tyres

Tyres also cannot go in skips and need to be disposed of carefully. If your tyre is changed at a garage, you could ask them to dispose of it on your behalf. If you do it yourself at home, consider calling the local council and arrange for them to collect it or reuse the tyre to create a garden swing.

  • Others 

Other materials that aren’t accepted by skip hire Preston specialists include batteries – even AAA batteries – as they’re made up of dangerous chemicals and metals.

Medical waste, such as sharp needles and wound dressings, also needs to be disposed of separately from skips for hygiene reasons.

If you’re unsure whether something can go in a skip, don’t hesitate to contact the Leyland Skips experts. On hand Monday to Friday, they will happily guide and advise you, ensuring your skip hire complies with stringent regulations – keeping your costs to a minimum. So call 01772 957 509 today.