What to do with an old mattress?


Looking to remove waste from your bedroom renovation project? Whether you’re throwing out an old wardrobe, dresser, bedside table, chest of drawers or stool, domestic skip hire in Chorley is a great idea. But certain items need to be carefully disposed of. Take a mattress for instance.

A mattress is an essential household item and usually lasts 8-10 years– meaning that you will need to get rid of one eventually. But big, heavy and awkward to handle, it’s not the easiest thing to throw out.

There are many ways you can get rid of a mattress – some more environmentally-friendly than others. And unfortunately, skip hire Chorley isn’t one of them. Having a bulky mattress sticking out of a skip can be dangerous and makes it difficult to transport on the back of loading vehicles.

Here we look at 5 alternative methods to skip hire Chorley:

  1. Collected by the company delivering the new mattress

If you’ve ordered a new mattress, it may be worth asking them if they can take your old one away with them and recycle it for a fee.

Opting for a retailer who offers this as an extra service will provide you with the peace of mind that your mattress is correctly disposed of.

  1. Collected by the local council

Most local councils offer a bulky waste collection and disposal service, so if you need to get rid of an old mattress before your new one arrives, be sure to give them a call.

They’ll arrange a date and time to collect your old mattress from a designated spot outside your home – taking it off your hands quickly and easily.

  1. Take it to the local tip

You can transport your mattress to the nearest tip, but you will need a big enough vehicle to fit it in.

Some people decide to roll their mattress and fasten it with a piece of rope – saving them the hassle of hiring a van or lending a trailer from friends and family.

  1. Donate it

For mattresses that are in fantastic condition – only being thrown out to make space for a bigger bed and mattress – why not donate it to your local charity shop or someone in need?

Organisations like the British Heart Foundation and British Red Cross are always looking for donations and will resell your mattress and donate all proceeds to a good cause.Donating an unwanted mattress will also prevent it from ending up in landfills – having a positive impact on the environment.

  1. Take it to the recycling centre

Many recycling centres in the northwest have the facilities to recycle old mattresses – breaking them down into recyclable components. Mattress springs can be melted and remade into metal products, whilst synthetic layers, like foam, can be used for carpet underlay or converted into energy.

Although you can take the mattress to your local recycling centre, the best way to ensure it’s recycled is to pay a company to collect it from your premises.

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Skip hire Chorley is the perfect solution for disposing of renovation waste – allowing you to keep your home clean and tidy. It enables you to store materials off the ground, out of harm’s way.

If you’d like to know what materials, other than mattresses, can’t go in skips, don’t hesitate to call the team at Chorley Skips on 01257 475 300 or email info@chorleyskiphire.com.