Where, oh where should I buy my freeze dryer?


You are interested in a Freeze Dryer. You have read all the blogs about freeze drying. You have watched the videos that tell you exactly how to do it. You have finally made the decision to freeze dry. You feel ready and you want to get started. Now where do you get a Freeze Dryer and which one is right for you? How exactly do you find a Freeze Dryer for sale? Parker Freeze Dry is the answer.

Let’s be real, this is a big deal and a big purchase. You want a company that you can trust. A company that will support you through the entire process but will also be there to support you after you have the equipment at your site. Parker Freeze Dry isn’t just about having a Freeze Dryer for sale. They are a family run company that hasn’t forgotten their values and what is most important to them. They pride themselves on customer service. All of their customers, regardless of size and the amount of purchase, are treated the same. They focus on your exact needs, and your needs only, all while doing their best to reduce your cost. Believe it, they are interested in providing you with the best product to fit your needs and saving you money in the process.

In addition to walking you through the process of deciding which model is perfect for you, they are with you step by step through the production of your Freeze Dryer. They even offer classes to train your staff about freeze drying to ensure you understand the proper use and care of your equipment once it’s on your site. Everything they do from development to production to installation puts you in the best position to use your equipment for a long time.

Their service does not stop once the installation occurs. There is an automatic 12 month warranty on the Dryer, but they will maintain a longer warranty in some cases. Ask them and they will be more than happy to answer all questions. They also provide service after the sale to ensure your equipment remains in its best possible shape. Their name is on every product and that isn’t something they take lightly. Parker Freeze Dry has the highest quality control standards to ensure you’re getting the best possible product. If you are looking for a company with integrity that you can trust, look no further than Parker Freeze Dry. They are the company for you.