Working with an architect for your commercial project? Don’t miss these pointers!


Initiating commercial projects requires considerable planning and foresight, and typically, everything starts by hiring an architect. Architects are required for most projects, no matter whether it’s new construction or remodeling work. Homeowners often have a bunch of questions in mind while looking for architects and working with one, which is why we have listed the tips that may come in handy.

Ask the right questions

Architects are in charge of putting your ideas into a concrete plan, and their role isn’t just about creating drawings. While the extent of their involvement may differ in each project, full service architects are often involved in the construction, as well as, interior designing. You can expect to get genuine assistance on all aspects, provided you ask the right questions, which also helps in selecting one. Some of these questions include –

  1. What are your qualifications?
  2. Will other architects work with you on this project?
  3. How many projects have you managed that are comparable to this?
  4. Can I see some of your work?
  5. What possible problems do you expect with this project.

When you work with architecte Stendel + Reich and other known names, you can expect to get a brief outline of the project in the first meeting. They will also share residential projects that they have completed recently, and you can expect to get detailed information on their work expertise.  

Discussions are important

Before you meet an architect for your project, make a list of the things you expect to achieve. Knowing your requirements gives an upper hand in discussing things, and your architect will be able to explain why some of these ideas may or may not work. While having a sense of the actual requirements is necessary, do allow your architect to have a creative take on the project. Keep in mind that collaborative environment is necessary to create unique residences, no matter the size and other aspects, and your architect may often have more ideas than you can think of.

It is also fair that you have a clear discussion with regards to their role and the charges pertaining to the same. Some architects prefer a onetime charge for the work they do, while others may ask for remuneration based on the work they are doing as the construction continues. Experts also recommend homeowners to have a clear contract in place, so that disputes and other things can be settled in an amicable manner.