Your go-to guide for clearing the office this Christmas

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Whether you’re making a long-awaited switch to new premises in Wigan in the new year, or planning a Christmas party and wanting to show off your sleek office, now is the perfect time to have a good sort out and get rid of what’s holding your business back.

For some businesses, Christmas is the busiest time of the year, whilst others see it as the perfect opportunity to get sorted for 2020. Here’s a guide to make the process of decluttering easier:


  • How much time do you have?


Clearing the office is a great idea but you need to allocate yourself enough time. If time isn’t on your side, it’s worth making a list of the main jobs that need doing or asking skip hire Wigan professionals for help.


  • What needs clearing?


Desks are a great place to start your Christmas clear-out. You can give your employees the task to clear their own workspace. Encourage them to sift through paperwork and identify what can be shredded and what needs to be filed away securely.

Don’t forget shared areas. Kitchens and breakout spaces are easily cluttered when people forget to tidy up after themselves. Before the Christmas holidays, make sure you check the cupboards and fridge for out of date food and make sure cutlery, mugs and seats are clean – ready for when you return in the new year or move to your brand new office.


  • What waste needs disposing of?


Once you know what areas you’re focusing on, you should have an idea of what types of materials you’ll need to throw out. Any old stationery, broken furniture or faulty equipment needs to be carefully disposed of to ensure maximum safety.

Separating your waste into what can be recycled or reused, and what is suitable for skip hire Wigan, will effectively speed up your Christmas office clear-out and help things to run smoothly.


  • Hire a skip


If your festive clear-out is likely to produce a lot of rubbish, consider hiring a skip. Skip hire saves you the hassle of handling waste yourself – allowing you to complete your clear-out sooner.

Companies, like Lostock Skips, specialise in skip hire Wigan and supply a wide variety of domestic skips, including:

  • 2-cubic yard mini
  • 4-cubic yard midi
  • 8-cubic yard maxi
  • 12-cubic yard open
  • 16-cubic yard open

For more information about skip hire Wigan, call 01204 698 153. On hand from 7.00am till 5.30pm, Lostock Skips can guide and advise you in selecting the best skip for the job in hand.